Jimmy Flores

Remote Digital Marketing Manager

Professional oversight of your junior marketing team.
Leading novice marketers to the quarterly results your business needs.

Junior marketing teams need guidance

The less experienced the marketer the more focus they will have on vanity metrics like fans, followers, and subscribers. What’s “cool” isn’t always what your business needs right now in order to pay the bills.

I’m an experienced and proven digital marketing manager for B2B and B2C companies that will align your junior marketing team’s work to your company’s quarterly growth and sales objectives.

I’m your solution when you can’t hire, or can’t find the right, full-time marketing manager that you need to lead your team.

Guidance to goals that matter

You tell me where your business needs to grow and I will deliver the strategy and tactics that your junior team will execute in order to see results within the quarter.

My digital marketing process

Business Priority Analysis
We’ll begin with a meeting so I can understand your business model and what are your key marketing and sales objectives.
Strategy, Tactics & Execution
After establishing your desired results I’ll present a strategy with tactics for your junior marketing team to execute in order to reach our success criteria.
Measurement, Tracking & Analysis
During execution, the plan will constantly be tracked and measured to ensure that we’re on pace for success.
Doubling Down or Iterating
At this stage, we’ll gather our results and choose to invest more resources into our strategy or iterate and pursue a new action plan from what we’ve learned.

Constant oversight of your team

Your junior marketing team will be in charge of executing and analyzing the complete marketing plan. I will be their guiding mentor during every step of the way, making sure they are on task and on pace to reach our goals.

The benefits of my oversight

Save money and hire a junior marketing team
Have your marketing team managed by an experienced digital marketing manager
Confidence that your marketing is working on the right parts of your business
Your junior marketers will constantly be learning from a seasoned professional

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Jimmy Flores Remote Digital Marketing Manager